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New haircut! 12/16/15

Yes indeed, change is in the air and not just a bit…

So yes, it’s hum, well, sort of grey…

To tell you all the truth, I had that in mind since a year.

Why? To try to age myself some more!!!
Naaaaa…just kidding!

Actually I have seen so many gorgeous bloggers with grey hair…so I told myself: let’s give it a try. Why not? We live only once, right?

But I must admit I was skeptical, fearing:

  • to damage my hair
  • to be forced to spend hours taking extra care of my hair
  • not to be able to go back to a golden blond as soon as I wanted to (yes I am never fully satisfied)

All that, explaining why it took me so long to take that decision.

After a long discussion with my hairdresser who reassured me, I made the move « c’est maintenant ou jamais ».
 I am 33, so if I’m not doing that now, when will I?

While I am currently finalizing  a video to show you how I treat my hair, I wish you all a good evening.


New video dolls 11/12/15

Dear all! First of all, I would like to apologize since I have been away for quite a long time. I am doing very well for those of you who were wondering....I needed some time to breathe a bit and reload my batteries :-)

Now I am back in a better shape than ever! And for this new video which I am co presenting with my mini assistant, I am unveiling my latest discoveries. I truly hope you will like it.

Talk to you very soon Smmmmack...

New video 05/28/15

New video dolls 04/25/15

New video 04/16/15

I dolls, here is my new video showing you how to have cat eyes! Hope you will enjoy!!!



My april haul 2015

Easter 2015

News 02/13/15

Hairstyle Ideas:

New video 02/08/15

Fashion from my perspective! 02/05/15


I’d like to share with you what fashion means to me.


Fashion is divided into several categories as it’s not only about a garment or an accessory, it’s also about the makeup, the fragrance, etc…

In my opinion, we’re living in an era where we have to belong to a predefined category, a social group, a style and it’s pissing me off!

Above all, we live in an era where we are all surrounded by people like Cristina Cordula (from a French TV show I adore) who are doing their best to coach us on what we should or shouldn’t be wearing according to our size, our height, the occasion, etc…

It’s true, there is a lot of TV shows (Fashion police, etc…) about fashion and about aesthetic, an increasing number of lovely YouTubers giving tips and tricks about beauty and last but not least some passionate fashion bloggers like me.

I’ve always hated feeling compelled to act a certain way or feeling obliged to go a certain direction! That’s perhaps the reason why I don’t have my favorite style, I am all and nothing at the same time, I am black and I am white…I don’t want to make a choice. And why should I after all? Rock, Bohemian, chic, romantic… It’s gonna depend on the mood, so I never plan how I will look like, except for vacations and again, it may vary at the very last minute, knowing me :-). 

With me you won’t find the same influences or the same styles and I am not only speaking of garments and hairstyles. The type of makeup (light or more heavy), the layout of my blog or anything else, because I like to follow my desires.

Of course if you want to know... I have a slight preference for the Rock n roll style and I must admit sometimes have to cut myself back otherwise I’d be looking like Axel Rose (from Guns N’ Roses) because of I love the style. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been surrounded by people who were listening to Rock and roll music, loving cars and Harley Davidson’s motorcycles and having oily hair (no I am kidding). My brother and my cousin were listening to Queen, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and so on and so on! Ok I must admit that I’ve listened to Ace of Base as well, but no influence left on me today (thank God). Still today, Queen’s music is constantly playing in my car and I will remain a loyal fan until my death, that’s for sure!

Now, coming back on what I was saying before it’s sad that we’re told that this or that color  fits us the most or not… Honestly, are we ‘condemned’ to wear cold colors our entire live just because we’ve been told so? Nooo!!!

Sure we have to be aware, of course, that some clothes, colors, jewelry, make-up or even fragrances fit us the most but damn it, fashion is first and foremost something hyper personal allowing us to be our true selves, to express ourselves over time and passing years and it’s above everything else to please ourselves and to remain ourselves. Don’t you think?

Talk to you soon...



Tips and beauty 02/02/15

Hi girls!
Today let's talk about dry shampoos!

I do not know if you’ve ever tried one? Dry Shampoo exists since quite a while and became a reference thanks to fashion shows where they are frequently used.
I’ve only recently heard about it and I tried it out for the first time a couple of days ago and I must admit that I am very happy with the result!

What is it?

Well, this is a workaround solution to quickly give your hair a cleaner look. It’s a mix of powders of starch of maize, oats or rice which absorb sebum.
Dry Shampoos are not exclusively used for oily hair, not at all!
Here is a short list of purposes:

  • Between two shampoos, to give cleaner apparence to your hair
  • In the morning to « wash » an oily fringe
  • Retouching hair roots between two colorations (in this case, choose a colored dry shampoo).
  • To give additional volume (dry shampoo is more effective than hair spray).
  • To easily fix a bun.

For those who sometimes have oily hair like I do and who have to wash them regularly (for me at least every 2 days)… you just need to spray some dry shampoo, to wait a few minutes, to brush your hair and then to wash. This will extend the time between 2 shampoos.

How to use it, really?

Well, it’s very simple, you’ll see:

  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Spray one strand of hair after the other, in direction of the roots and from about 20 cm distance from your hair (once or twice on oily areas).
  • Wait 1 to 2 minutes so that the powder absorb the sebum.
  • Rub the root with a tissue or a towel.
  • Brush to remove the powder.

For blond and white hair use a neutral dry shampoo formula. On the other hand if you have dark hair use a colored version (same as your hair color).
IMPORTANT: I really insist, this product SHOULD NOT be used on a daily basis! Only OCCASIONALLY otherwise it may cause scalp irritation and eventually hair loss.

Try this out and let me know what you think…It was a revelation for me!


How i curl my hair 01/19/15



New Year...12/31/14 

I’m really happy to have these opportunities to share with you some moments of my life, I am also super proud and humble that the amount of visitors on my blog keep increasing day by day and I must admit that I have a hard time to believe that people could be interested to read what I have to say and what I do in my simple life …so THANK YOU!

I’m a part timer, working at 60% during the week, spending what is left taking care of my « little loulous », taking pictures or videos and trying to stay as active as I possible can on this blog…well I start being really active when my husband is back from the office. Of course, no super nanny at my service (apart from my super mom) who is my backup when I’m working or when I need it!

The New Year is almost here and it’s obvious that I will celebrate it with the people I love most in the world!
In the past I was absolutely not a big fan of this time of the year because it was never as good as we wished it would be, too much pressure most probably… the meal we had prepared all day had to be tremendously good, everything had to be ready right on time and last but not least we needed to make sure not everyone got over drunk before midnight … to make a long story short!  

Now that’s an old story, we will be just the 4 of us at home and it’s gonna be just perfect.
In terms of good resolutions (pffff), just like every year I will try to go to the gym more often! Yeah right …

One thing is for sure , I will keep sharing with you if you agree.
One of my good « resolutions » is to improve my time management in order to have more time for me, myself and I and thus by definition, more time to keep this blog active every day!

I wish you ,my dears, a Happy New Year surrounded by people you love and I hope that 2015 will bring everything that you’re waiting for!

Enjoy the food, the good wines, the champagnes (but drink responsibly if you drive) and see you all next year!

Love you...

12/24/14, 12/25/14

Holidays outfit 12/24/14

N°3 12/21/14

N°2  12/14/14

N°1  12/09/14


Hi dolls! 12/08/14

Just wanted to let you know that I am currently preparing several holiday makeup tutorials. First one coming this week.

See you soon!



Video 12/01/14

Here is my new video, I hope you will like it!

See you soon...


OOTD  11/15/14


Still Fall 11/10/14


What if I’d tell you a bit about me? 10/29/14

As far as I remember, I have not always been passionate about fashion. In fact, when I was child, even though my mother kept on dressing me as a doll, I was more like a little boy not paying too much attention to what I was wearing!


As a teenager, I started to discover what was trendy and made my first fashion attempts. I talk about fashion, but it was mainly about wearing denim overalls and way too short T-shirts for me with my Dr. Martens ;-). Do you remember that trend, it used to rock in the 90’s?


Makeup was totally unknown to me, so imagine: shiny skin, spots like a calculator...half girl half woman…oh my god :-).


Honestly, I think this is the time you need it the most…when you are a teenager and not really comfortable with your body. Of course, I am not talking about an extreme makeover but more something like a light makeup to cover imperfections and to gain some confidence and self-esteem.


Unfortunately, 15 years ago there was no makeup tutorial on Youtube because Youtube simply did not exist! I know, I know, for some of you I was born in the Stone age :-)


This to say...that I was spending my free time to do much more interesting things (at least for me). I was all the time outside playing with what we had (we had not much actually) but it rocked :-) .


A lot of things have changed in 15 years, it’s crazy!

Today it is kind of rare that I get out of home without at least a minimalist makeup just to give me a "fresh look". Given the fact that my son is only sleeping like 3-4 hours in a row…I desperately need so makeup so as not to scare people I would cross in the street :-).


To sum up, I looove fashion like 98% of the women you would say :nows! I love beautiful things generally speaking, expensive or not I really don’tcare….as long as it’s love at first sight.


Big hugs ... Smmmack!!!

OOTD 10/29/14


Once upon a Fall... 10/21/14


 Photo editing apps:

-Pixlromatic (free)

-FrameUrLife (free)

-Moldiv (free)

-Visage Lab (free)

Beijinhos to you all!



Nothing is going my way 10/09/14

I do not know about you but there are days when if feel depressed, especially now . Is it the season, the weather ?


It’s probably that but I feel like doing nothing, so "help "!


In those moments , I listen to songs like "Genie in a Bottle " by Christina Aguilera, yes I know and I'm sorry but it's MY song that makes me sing like a girls band and makes me look ridiculous in the car because I giving my all :-)^


And what about you? What is YOUR song for such dark moments?


Then everyone will tell you "don’t worry”, “it will not last”, “it’s nothing”...yes for sure but for me right now it's the end of the world, that’s all.


You know it's the reason why I created this web site, in order to express my feelings and to share with other women who sometimes feel overwhelmed just like me!


Unfortunately there is not enough blogs where women open up about days like these where nothing works, when they are sad, etc…


Well now, frankly speaking, all I want is to dive in my sofa watching TV and snacking and doing nothing else... But we all know it’s purely impossible with 2 small children.


 Girls, solutions now , please ?


• jogging (well not keen to as I am not in the mood)

• have a list of priorities and go step by

• holidays (yeah why not but not the budget for now)

• meet my girls (yesssss, I am always ready for that especially with a good glass of wine)


Basically I need to see my girls quickly! It is absolutely mandatory and I 'm sure afterwards I will feel much better.

I now leave you with a picture from a good day!



My daily make up routine 22.09.14  


Long live the bride and the groom 09/21/14

Ladies, today I'd like to talk about a makeup that I had the chance to do to a beautiful woman for one of the happiest days of her life.


I think I've written and rewritten this text more than 50 times... because I really wanted it to be up to the girl!


If there is one thing I take from this wonderful day is " love."

The love they shared and the ambient love that reigned at their wedding.


Obviously, I was one of those who shed a tear while she entered the church in her beautiful dress with her father! Oh, something you need to know about me, I'm a professional whiner, a real one!


To you my dear:

I enjoyed sharing this so intimate and unique moment in your life and for that I'm thankful.


 Finally, just like they said as they exchanged their vows:


"Getting married means taking a risk!" 


A risk I took also and I will never regret it (except when I have my period) :-)


Love you Dine. 


OODT 09/21/14 



OOTD 09/06/14


Road Trip in the Douro! 09/03/14

To set the scene, it was an amazing sunny day. We found ourselves in this location, natural and magical at the same time.


Honestly, I truly think this place is one of the most beautiful in the world.

So as to end up our 3 portuguese summer vacation weeks, we’ve decided to visit this little paradise.


You are maybe familiar with Porto wine (this liquor somewhere between « aguardente » and red wine)? If so, then you probably know as well that there is many good red wines from this region and that's why Douro wines are among my favorites.


We’ve had the opportunity to visit this famous vineyard known for its tall mysterious black man wearing a black hat (Zorro type of guy), « Sandman » from the Seixo vineyard (pronounce « say-sho »).


We not only walked through the vineyard and discreetly ate some wine grapes but we also discovered the backstage where the magic is happening. You have to go there!


Here’s several pictures which I hope will help you capture the beauty of this region.  


Daily outfit 08/08/14


Rainy day outfit...08/07/14

Zara Top and jeans

Selfie of the day "have a nice day"!!! 08/01/14

Daily outfit 07/31/14

Daily outfit 27/07/14


A thought today for all mommies who do whatever it takes every single day in their new duty (as mom) and I know what it's like and how difficult this can be sometimes (especially in the beginning)...


Mouhahaha!!! :-)